I am Ari Goldkind.

My whole life I have fought for justice, especially for those who have no voice. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I am not a wealthy Bay Street lawyer. I am a criminal lawyer who worked my way through school on my own, and who now defends people in the city court system. Much of my work is Legal Aid.

I am passionate about fighting for the rights of those whom society tends to look away from. This includes mentally and physically disabled people, and people who receive a disproportionate level of abuse from the police and from society in general.

As a trial lawyer, I have learned to debate aggressively according to my convictions. Sometimes this means approaching problems from a different angle, or from a wider viewpoint than others who are fighting the same fight.

My mayoral election campaign in 2014 was based on creating a city that everyone could benefit from, by making tough choices that career politicians generally avoid.

For 2015 and beyond, my goal is to be a social commentator, speaking on behalf of Torontonians and challenging the authorities to be accountable. My key action points include:

- close scrutiny of police powers and police treatment of accused citizens, while in custody as well as in high-risk situations]
- elimination of police carding
- improving accessibility for Torontonians with disabilities
- responsible administration of this city by our mayor and our councillors

Some people will agree with me, others will disagree. But I will stay committed to fighting for the people of this city. That is what I stand for, it is what I have always stood for, and it is what I will always stand for. You can count on that.

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